Multi Dose Packaging

explaining hes dosageMERCERVILLE FAMILY PHARMACY offers multi-dose special packaging services to help patients better comply with their medication therapy. We can customize your packaging for prescription medications so that you can take the right medications at the right time. Depending on your prescription plan, we can provide multi-dose packaging for 7 days to a month.

With this service, you receive your medications in sealed, clearly labeled packs that indicate your name as the patient, your prescribing physician, the time and day to take the specifically grouped medications, dosage strengths, descriptions and other pertinent details. With all the information you need at one glance, taking your medications will be so much easier.

More than that, Multi-Dose Packaging also reduces the risk of taking the wrong medications or missing your schedules to take your meds at home, especially without a nurse or a doctor around to supervise your medication regimen.

Because of this convenience, patients no longer have to individually sort medications into pill boxes – you might not know it but you dropped the wrong pill somewhere and it can mess up your therapy when you mix up dosages. With Multi-Dose Packaging at MERCERVILLE FAMILY PHARMACY, you get your medications pre-packed in a dispensing box making the medication organization process so much quicker and efficient.

No matter how complex your medication therapy regimen may be, there is always a special packaging solution at MERCERVILLE FAMILY PHARMACY. This service is ideal for seniors, busy travelers, children and adults – basically anyone who has more than one kind of medication to keep track of. We offer you precise packaging solutions so you won’t have to second guess before you pop your pills.

If you have questions, or if you are interested in trying Multi-Dose Packaging from MERCERVILLE FAMILY PHARMACY, please call our pharmacy or fill out the form provided below:

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