Medication Therapy Management

giving medication adviceFrom the beginning, it has always been our mission at Mercerville Family Pharmacy to be a comprehensive provider of health services and products. Through Medication Therapy Management, we can effectively offer a quality life to our patients.

Medication Therapy Management is a bundle of activities which we direct for our clients. We work together with the prescribing physician in:

  • Performing Patient Assessments
  • Performing Comprehensive Medication Reviews
  • Formulating a Medication Treatment Plan
  • Monitoring the Efficiency of the Treatment Plan provided
  • Enhancing Medication Adherence
  • Patient Education
  • Documentation of Medication Disbursement

All these add up to Comprehensive Patient Care. You can ask our pharmacist about this program the next time you visit Mercerville Family Pharmacy. Please call 609-981-7555 for more information.

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